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The main configuration file for BanManager.

  • mutedCommandBlacklist

    Muted players will be blocked from using commands within this list. Command aliases will automatically be found and blocked, e.g. msg will block tell. Do not prefix commands with /.


    - msg
  • softMutedCommandBlacklist - identical to mutedCommandBlacklist but only affects players who are soft muted

  • duplicateIpCheck

    Displays a warning to those with bm.notify.duplicateips permission when a player joins with the same IP as a banned player, defaults to true.


    duplicateIpCheck: true

  • bypassDuplicateChecks

    A list of IPs to exclude from the banned player duplicate check.


    - '0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1' # IPv6 supported

  • logKicks

    Records players kicked from the server via /kick, defaults to false.

    Use the command /bminfo <player> -kicks to view these records.


    logKicks: true

  • logIps

    Records when a player leaves and joins the server, along with their ip address. Defaults to true. If set to false, only the most recent IP address will be stored. For GDPR compliancy, you may wish to purge data older than a certain period of time; see cleanUp for further information.

    Use the command /bminfo <player> -ips to view these records.


    logIps: true

  • displayNotifications

    Broadcasts punishments to players with bm.notify.X permissions, defaults to true.


    displayNotifications: true

  • broadcastOnSync

    Broadcasts a notification when new punishments are synced between the database and server, defaults to false.


    broadcastOnSync: true

  • timeLimits

    Generates a permission to limit the time period a player can issue a punishment for. Once configured, assign the player with the appropriate permission e.g. bm.timelimit.X.Y where X is the punishment type and Y is the custom name you have defined.


    Based on the following configuration, granting a player the bm.timelimit.playerBans.Moderator permission will only allow them to /tempban a player for up to 1 day:

        Moderator: 1h
        Moderator: 1d
        Moderator: 30d
        Moderator: 1d
        Moderator: 1d
        Moderator: 1d
        Moderator: 1d

  • cooldowns

    To prevent duplicate punishments against a player in quick succession, set a cooldown to limit the time in seconds before a player can be punished again. Set to 0 to disable. Defaults to 10 seconds.


      ban: 10
      tempban: 10
      mute: 10
      tempmute: 10
      banip: 10
      tempbanip: 10
      warn: 10
      tempwarn: 10
      report: 10

  • warningActions

    Execute a list of commands against a player when they reach a warning point threshold. By default, a single warning is worth 1 point. Use the -p flag when warning a player to change this, e.g. /warn confuser -p 5 Hacking.

    • enabled - Set to true to enable, defaults to false
    • actions
      • <number of points>
        • cmd - The command to execute upon reaching the number of points, the following tokens are available: [player], [playerId], [actor], [reason], [id], [points].
        • delay - Optional, specify a delay in seconds of when to run the command, defaults to 0 and executes immediately.


    The following will mute a player immediately and ban a player after 10 seconds upon reaching a total of 5 warning points:

      enabled: true
        - cmd: ban [player] [reason]
          delay: 10
        - cmd: mute [player] [reason]

  • warningMute

    Forces players to type the reason of their most recent warning before being allowed to speak in chat again. Note: removed on server restart or when player leaves. Defaults to false.


      warningMute: true

  • hooks

    Allows running commands before and after a punishment.

    • enabled - Set to true to enable, defaults to false
    • events
      • <event> - One of: ban, tempban, unban, mute, tempmute, unmute, warn, tempwarn, ipban, tempipban, unbanip, iprangeban, tempiprangeban, unbaniprange, note, report
        • <when> - Either pre to run before the punishment is issued or post to run after the punishment is issued
          • cmd - The command to execute, available tokens are dependent on event type:
            • ban - [player], [playerId], [actor], [reason]
            • tempban - [player], [playerId], [actor], [reason], [expires]
            • unban - [player], [playerId], [actor], [reason], [expires] if a temporary ban or 0
            • mute - [player], [playerId], [actor], [reason]
            • tempmute - [player], [playerId], [actor], [reason], [expires]
            • unmute - [player], [playerId], [actor], [reason], [expires] if a temporary mute or 0
            • warn - [player], [playerId], [actor], [reason]
            • tempwarn - [player], [playerId], [actor], [reason], [expires]
            • ipban - [ip], [actor], [reason], [expires]
            • tempipban - [ip], [actor], [reason], [expires]
            • unbanip - [ip], [actor], [reason], [expires] if a temporary ban or 0
            • iprangeban - [from] starting IP address, [to] end IP address, [actor], [reason]
            • tempiprangeban - [from] starting IP address, [to] end IP address, [actor], [reason], [expires]
            • unbaniprange - [from] starting IP address, [to] end IP address, [actor], [reason], [expires] if a temporary ban or 0
            • note - [player], [playerId], [actor], [message]
            • report - [player], [playerId], [actor], [message]
          • delay - Optional, specify a delay in seconds of when to run the command, defaults to 0 and executes immediately.


    The following will immediately IP ban the player and kick them in 10 seconds time before a ban is issued. After a ban is issued, a message will immediately be broadcasted.

      enabled: true
          - cmd: kick [player] [reason]
            delay: 10
          - cmd: banip [player] [reason]
          - cmd: broadcast [player] banned

  • checkForUpdates - deprecated and currently unsupported in v7

  • offlineAutoComplete

    Enables auto completing offline player names when issuing BanManager commands, e.g. typing /ban c and then tab will suggest all players beginning with the letter c. Note, this is case-sensitive.


    offlineAutoComplete: true

  • punishAlts

    Automatically applies punishments to alts (players who share the same IP address) on join. Defaults to false as this could block siblings or those on shared internet connections.


    punishAlts: true

  • denyAlts

    Automatically prevents players joining if the same IP address is associated with a ban


    denyAlts: true

  • timeAssociatedAlts

    Time in seconds a player's IP address should be classified as an alt of another player. Defaults to 0 for an IP address to always be associated to a player


    timeAssociatedAlts: 604800

  • cleanUp

    Keep records for a defined number of days. Specify 0 to never delete. playerHistory requires logIps to be enabled and only purges IP addresses that are not currently IP banned.


    The following will keep a history of kicks for 30 days and ban records for 10 days. All other records are kept indefinitely.

      kicks: 30
      banRecords: 10
      ipBanRecords: 0
      ipMuteRecords: 0
      muteRecords: 0
      readWarnings: 0
      unreadWarnings: 0
      playerHistory: 0

  • maxOnlinePerIp

    The maximum number of players allowed to connect from the same IP address. Set to 0 to disable. Defaults to 0.


    maxOnlinePerIp: 1

  • maxMultiaccountsRecently

    The maximum number of players allowed to connect from the same IP address (recently logged in). Set to 0 to disable. Defaults to 0. Set multiaccountsTime to specify the time range in seconds.


    The following only allows a player to join the server if nobody has joined the server with the same IP address in the past 5 minutes (300 seconds):

    maxMultiaccountsRecently: 1
    multiaccountsTime: 300

  • checkOnJoin

    Queries the database for new player punishments when a player attempts to join. BanManager stores a cache of punishments in memory and frequently queries the database for changes; this is sufficient for single servers.

    For networks, enabling this can remediate delays in punishments syncing between servers. Defaults to false as this could become a performance bottleneck against the database when there are spikes in players joining. Before enabling this, try changing the schedules.yml sync task options.


    checkOnJoin: true

  • createNoteReasons

    Enables creation of notes based on text in between ( ). E.g. /ban confuser testing (too good) will ban for testing and create a note too good. Defaults to false.


    createNoteReasons: true

  • onlineMode

    If you are using bungeecord set to online mode, leave this as true. If you are using an offline mode server, set this to false; this will cause BanManager to use case-insensitive UUIDs for player lookups, i.e. Confuser and cOnFuSer will be identified as the same player. Defaults to true


    onlineMode: true

  • chatPriority

    BanManager will attempt to block muted players from chatting. However, some chat plugins can intefere with this causing messages to still display. Change the priority accordingly. Defaults to normal.

    The following options in order of priority are available: lowest, low, normal, high, highest, monitor.


    chatPriority: high

  • blockInvalidReasons

    Prevents executing commands with an invalid reason, i.e. missing from reasons.yml. E.g. /ban confuser #speel-erorr will return an error message instead of banning the player for #speel-erorr. Defaults to false.


    blockInvalidReasons: true


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