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Learn how to upgrade the BanManager WebUI with just a couple of steps.

First, make a full backup

Whenever doing an update it’s a good idea to take a full backup of your site first. If anything goes wrong, you’ll still have all your data.

Update to the latest version

This guide assumes your BanManager-WebUI installation is located in /home/banmanager/BanManager-WebUI, please replace where applicable.

Run the following commands in order:

  1. cd /home/banmanager/BanManager-WebUI
  2. git rev-parse HEAD to make a note of your current version (in case you need to rollback)
  3. git pull to fetch the latest version
  4. npm ci --production to install the latest dependencies
  5. npm run heroku-postbuild to build the latest pages and run database migrations
  6. Restart the process - dependant on your setup

Troubleshooting any problems

If something goes wrong, you can always revert to the previous version.

  1. node bin/run undo to revert database migration changes
  2. git checkout <commit> to checkout the source of a previous version, replace <commit> with the short hash noted from git rev-parse HEAD command prior to updating, e.g. git checkout 56fe206
  3. npm ci --production to install the old dependencies
  4. npm run build to build the old pages
  5. Restart the process - dependant on your setup

If you’re still having trouble, start by searching the BanManager Discord to see if your issue has come up before.


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