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BanManager contains a number of commands each with a subset of permissions. All commands have aliases prefixed with bm, e.g. /bmban, /bmtempban etc.

Key [optional] <required> <option 1 || option 2 || option 3>
/ban <player> <reason>Permanently ban a player-s bm.command.ban
/tempban <player> <timeDiff> <reason>Temporarily ban a player-s bm.command.tempban
/unban <player> [reason]Unban a player-d bm.command.unban
/mute <player> <reason>Permanently mute a player-s, -soft bm.command.mute
/tempmute <player> <timeDiff> <reason>Temporarily mute a player-s, -soft bm.command.tempmute
/unmute <player> [reason]Unmute a player bm.command.unmute
/banip <player || ip> <reason>Permanently ban an ip address or ip of a player-s bm.command.banip
/tempbanip <player || ip> <timeDiff> <reason>Temporarily ban an ip address or ip of a player-s bm.command.tempbanip
/unbanip <ip> [reason]Unban an ip address-d bm.command.unbanip
/muteip <player || ip> <reason>Permanently mute an ip address or ip of a player-s bm.command.muteip
/tempmuteip <player || ip> <timeDiff> <reason>Temporarily mute an ip address or ip of a player-s bm.command.tempmuteip
/unmuteip <ip> [reason]Unmute an ip address bm.command.unmuteip
/baniprange <cidr || wildcard> <reason>Permanently ban a cidr or wildcard ip range, e.g. or 192.168.*.*-s bm.command.baniprange
/tempbaniprange <cidr || wildcard> <timeDiff> <reason>Temporarily ban a cidr or wildcard ip range-s bm.command.tempbaniprange
/unbaniprange <cidr || wildcard || player>Unban an ip range bm.command.unbaniprange
/warn <player> <reason>Warn a player-s -p bm.command.warn
/tempwarn <player> <timeDiff> <reason>Temporarily warn a player-s -p bm.command.tempwarn
/dwarn <player>Delete the last warning a player received-s bm.command.dwarn
/addnote <player> <message>Add a note against a player-s bm.command.addnote
/notes [player]View notes of all online players or a particular player bm.command.notes, bm.command.notes.online
/kick <player> <reason>Kick a player from the server-s bm.command.kick
/nlkick <player> <reason>Kick a player from the server without logging the kick if kick logging enabled-s bm.command.nlkick
/bminfo [player]Look up information of a player-bans, -kicks, -ips, -mutes, -notes, -time, -warnings bm.command.bminfo
/bmimportCheck the migration guides for more information bm.command.import
/bmexport <players || ips>Export bans to vanilla format bm.command.export
/bmreloadReload plugin configuration and messages (excludes database connection info) bm.command.reload
/banlist [players || ipranges || ips]List all bans stored in memory bm.command.banlist
/bmsync <local || external>Force the server to syncronise with the database bm.command.sync
/bmclear <player> [banrecords || baniprecords || kicks || muterecords || notes || warnings]Clear all records of a player or specify a type bm.command.clear
/bmdelete <banrecords || kicks || muterecords || notes || warnings> <ids>Delete specific records for a player based on ids from /bminfo bm.command.delete
/bmactivity <timeDiff> [player]View recent activity of staff, or a particular player bm.command.bmactivity
/alts <player || ip>List players which have the same ip address bm.command.alts
/report <player> <reason>Report a player for rule breaking, logs their location and the actors location, as well as other data bm.command.report
/reportsReport management, executes list by default bm.command.reports
/reports assign <ids> [player]Assign a report to a player, if none given assigns to self bm.command.reports.assign
/reports close <ids> [/command || comment]Marks a report as closed, with an optional comment or command bm.command.reports.close
/reports list [page] [state]Lists reports bm.command.reports.list
/reports tp <id>Teleports you to where the report was created bm.command.reports.tp
/reports unassign <ids>Unassigns reports from a player bm.command.reports.unassign
/bmrollback <player> <timeDiff> [types]Allows rolling back malicious actions by a staff member bm.command.bmrollback
/banname <name> <reason>Ban any players with the name specified-s bm.command.banname
/tempbanname <name> <timeDiff> <reason>Temporarily ban a name-s bm.command.tempbanname
/unbanname <name> [reason]Unban a name bm.command.unbanname
/bmutils <duplicates||missingplayers>Utility commands to aid with resolving issues bm.command.bmutils
/bmutils duplicates [UUID] [newName]Finds duplicate player names and allows manual updating of a player name bm.command.bmutils.duplicates
/bmutils missingplayersFinds missing player records associated to punishments and creates them bm.command.bmutils.missingplayers

Command Flags

Some commands allow flags, see above for which commands can use what. Flags (singular or multiple) can be used anywhere after the command name, including the beginning, middle and even end.

  • /ban -s confuser test
  • /ban confuser -s test
  • /ban confuser test -s
  • /ban confuser this is the -s reason
-silent-sPerform the command silently without a broadcastbm.command.<command>.silent e.g. bm.command.tempban.silent/ban -s confuser Test
-bans-bList the past bans of a player via /bminfobm.command.bminfo.history.bans/bminfo confuser -b
-bans-bList the past bans of an IP via /bminfobm.command.bminfo.history.ipbans/bminfo -b
-ips-iList join leave history of a player via /bminfobm.command.bminfo.history.ips/bminfo confuser -i
-kicks-kList kick records of a player via /bminfobm.command.bminfo.history.kicks/bminfo confuser -k
-mutes-mList the past mutes of a player via /bminfobm.command.bminfo.history.mutes/bminfo confuser -m
-mutes-mList the past mutes of an IP via /bminfobm.command.bminfo.history.ipmutes/bminfo -m
-notes-nList all notes associated with a player via /bminfobm.command.bminfo.history.notes/bminfo confuser -n
-warnings-wList all warnings of a player via /bminfobm.command.bminfo.history.warnings/bminfo confuser -w
-time-tLimit data by a date using timeDiff formatting /bminfo confuser -t 23w
-soft-stSoft/shadow mutingbm.command.<command>.soft/tempmute confuser -st 1d Testing
-points-pSpecify severity of a warningbm.command.warn.points/warn confuser -p 4 Testing
-ips-iDisplay join/leave times of a player along with their ip addressbm.command.bminfo.history.ips/bminfo confuser -i
-delete-dDeletes a ban without creating a recordbm.command.unban.delete/unban confuser -d

Time Format

Any commands which denote a <timeDiff> argument can be used as follows:

  • 10s = 10 seconds
  • 10m = 10 minutes
  • 10h = 10 hours
  • 10d = 10 days
  • 10mo = 10 months
  • 10y = 10 years


  • /tempban confuser 1d Test
  • /tempban confuser 1m2w3d Test

Global Commands

These commands are only available if the global database option within your config is enabled. They are only for syncing bans across multiple servers, and do not have as granulated permissions.

The time it takes for each action to take affect depends on the interval your global scheduler is set to within schedules.yml. Default is 2 minutes.

/banall <player> <reason>Permanently ban a player across multiple serversbm.command.banall
/tempbanall <player> <timeDiff> <reason>Temporarily ban a player across multiple serversbm.command.tempbanall
/unbanall <player>Unban a player across multiple serversbm.command.unbanall
/muteall <player> <reason>Permanently mute a player across multiple serversbm.command.muteall
/tempmuteall <player> <timeDiff>Temporarily mute a player across multiple serversbm.command.tempmuteall
/unmuteall <player> <timeDiff>Unmute a player across multiple serversbm.command.unmuteall
/banipall <player || ip> <reason>Permanently ban an ip across multiple serversbm.command.banipall
/tempbanipall <player || ip> <timeDiff> <reason>Temporarily ban an ip across multiple serversbm.command.tempbanipall
/unbanipall <ip>Unban an ip across multiple serversbm.command.unbanipall
/addnoteall <player> <message>Add a note across multiple serversbm.command.addnoteall


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