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Startup Issues

BanManager is showing as red in /plugins

Please ensure you have configured the plugin correctly and check either your server log or console for more information

When trying to /ban a player it displays /ban <player> <reason>

The plugin is not enabled, please check your server startup log for more information

BanManager is unable to connect to the database

This can be caused by a number of issues, refer to the common Storage Errors section.

I'd like to use BanManager with Tekkit Classic, which version is compatible?

v2.x versions of BanManager have been reported as compatible. At a mimimum you will require v2.2, please ensure useSyncChat is enabled in the config. Please note the following: documentation and guides are for recent BanManager versions only, there may be bugs, cross-server sync is not supported and older versions of BanManager are name based, not UUID meaning a change of name will evade bans for online-mode servers.

How can I add new lines to the player denied screen when a banned player tries to join?

Use \n within the message in the messages.yml wherever you'd like a new line to start. For example:

disallowed: '&6Banned on Frostcast\n[reason]'

[WARN]: [BanManager] Duplicates found for player_name

This is caused when players have the same name. When a command is executed, BanManager is unable to ascertain which player should be affected.

Resolving this issue depends on your online mode setting. In Online Mode, the plugin will attempt to resolve this when the affected players join; this requires a request to Mojang which sometimes fails due to rate limitations. In order to resolve this, please follow the steps below:

Online Mode

  • Run /bmutils duplicates as a player; will output up to 10 duplicate names.
  • Each name will contain the amount of duplicates found along side a number, e.g. [confuser] * 2 [1] [2]
  • Clicking [x] will populate your chat with a command to set the name manually, e.g. /bmutils duplicates ae51c849-3f2a-4a37-986d-55ed5b02307f confuser
  • Where possible, BanManager will attempt to retrieve the correct name from Mojang. Should this fail, the name argument will default to newName. Should this occur, it is recommended you perform the correct name for each UUID yourself using a service such as mcuuid.net.
  • Execute the command to update the name. Repeat these steps for each UUID until no more duplicates exist.

Offline Mode

Follow the first 3 steps from Online Mode. Set the name manually yourself. Note, names are case insensitive within BanManager, however Minecraft interprets players of the same name with different cases, e.g. confuser & cOnFuSer. You should use an additional plugin to handle this correctly such as AuthMe.

Storage Errors

BanManager is unable to connect to the database

[10:22:26 WARN]: 18180 [Server thread] ERROR me.confuser.banmanager.internal.hikari.pool.HikariPool - bm-local - Exception during pool initialization. ... java.sql.SQLNonTransientConnectionException: Could not create connection to database server. Attempted reconnect 10 times. Giving up.

bm - Failed to validate connection me.confuser.banmanager.internal.mysql.cj.jdbc.JDBC4Connection@xxxxxxxxx (Communications link failure) The last packet successfully received from the server was xxxxxxx milliseconds ago. The last packet sent successfully to the server was xx milliseconds ago.)

Verify the following:

  1. You are using the correct address, port, username and password
  2. The database exists and is accessible by the user
    • Check this by logging in with the user you are connecting with (via mysql -p -u) and executing SHOW DATABASES;. If the database is not displayed in the results, it either has not been created or the user does not have permission to access it.
  3. No firewall rules blocking the connection
  4. MySQL is bound to the correct port, and is accessible from the server where BanManager is installed
  5. Check that your MySQL max connections limit is not being exceeded. By default, BanManager will use up to 10 connections per server. If you have multiple plugins connecting to the same database server, you will either need to increase this limit or reduce the number of connections in BanManager's config.yml named maxConnections.

If you are seeing Communications link failure errors, or errors relating to a timeout, then one of the above is incorrect.

To give the user access to the BanManager database and tables, execute:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON [databasename].* TO '[username]'@'[ipaddress]';

Replace the square brackets, [ ] with their respective values.

Then, when you have finished your changes, execute:



GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON banmanager.* TO 'banmanager'@'%';

java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: Table 'bm_players' doesn't exist

This occurs when the wrong JDBC driver is in use. If you are using MariaDB, ensure storageType is set to mariadb.

No operations allowed after connection closed

me.confuser.banmanager.common.mysql.cj.jdbc.ConnectionImpl@7dae83b4 (No operations allowed after connection closed.). Possibly consider using a shorter maxLifetime value.

Modify maxLifetime in config.yml under the databases section. The value must be less than the wait_timeout in MySQL/MariaDB. If you are using a provider, open a support ticket to request this value.

me.confuser.banmanager.internal.mysql.cj.exceptions.CJException: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'

It is not recommended you use root to connect to the database. Please use or create a non-root user to connect with.

Public Key Retrieval is not allowed

Caused by: me.confuser.banmanager.common.mysql.cj.exceptions.CJException: Public Key Retrieval is not allowed

  • If you are using SSL, set useSSL in config.yml under the databases section to true.
  • If you are not using SSL, set useSSL in config.yml under the databases section to false and allowPublicKeyRetrieval to true.
    • If the issue is not resolved, or you are seeing errors such as unable to load authentication plugin 'caching_sha2_password'
      1. Login to your MySQL instance and check the default_authentication_plugin setting
        • SELECT plugin from mysql.user where User='root'; replace root with the user you are connecting with
      2. If the value is set to caching_sha2_password, connections require SSL by default. Either enable ssl (useSSL) or create a database user which does not require SSL
        • Execute the following queries, replacing the respective values: nativeuser, localhost, password:
          CREATE USER 'nativeuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY 'password';
          GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON banmanager.* TO 'nativeuser'@'%';

Cross-Server Sync

I punished a player but it doesn't appear to have synced across all servers

Each server polls for data changes including new punishments. Open your schedules.yml file and check your timings. By default local punishments are checked every 30 seconds and global punishments every 2 minutes. Checking more frequently will increase database usage. If this is insufficient, enable checkOnJoin in your config.yml; this will check the database for new punishments when a player joins each server.


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