Migrate from H2

A full guide for migrating from H2 to MySQL or MariaDB. This will import all data.


The recommended installation requires BanManager to be setup on your Minecraft server



Shutdown the server and update configuration details to connect to your new MariaDB/MySQL database; the table names must remain the same as H2 and the new database must not contain any existing BanManager data.

Start the server and run the following command either in-game or via your Minecraft server console:

/bmimport h2 <fileName>

Replace the command arguments with your H2 file name which is local to the BanManager configuration directory, e.g.

/bmimport h2 local_bans

BanManager will begin importing data. You will be sent a message once completed.

Check the Minecraft server console for any potential issues with the import.

It is recommended you restart your server once import has completed to ensure all punishments work correctly.