Minecraft Plugin

Fully UUID compliant
Supports H2, MariaDB & MySQL databases
Player bans
Player mutes including soft/shadow muting
Player name bans
Player reporting system
IP and IP range bans & mutes
Succinct permissions
Integrate punishments with other plugins using the hooks system
Warnings support, including a points based system for executing actions when a player reaches each level
Customisable messages with variable support, including custom ban and kick screens
Supports Bukkit, BungeeCord and Sponge servers
Synchronise punishments between servers

For a full list of supported features check the plugin configuration options and commands.

WebUI Features

Open Source
Released under an MIT licence. Contributions welcome!
Accounts System
Seamless logins via a unique pin generated in-game, no complex registration forms.
Manage Players
Create custom roles with fine grained permissions to control what they can see and edit.
Manage player roles preview
Manage page layouts preview
Page Layouts
Customise each inbuilt page to look and feel how you like for each device (Desktop, Tablet, Phone).
Oversee bans and other data for every server from one area, with ease.
Manage Reports
View, comment and resolve reports all from the web.